Premiere Anti-Friction Coatings

Surface Sciences manufactures a nanotech surface enhancement that metallurgically bonds to the molecules at the surface of the part.

No other surface treatment on the market is slicker than NANOTRONITE. See Example Pics

At Surface Sciences, we DO NOT paint our materials on, or "cure" them in an oven. Our process and materials are cutting edge and have been tested and proven in the most extreme environments. We embed our proprietary materials into your part. This changes the materials surface structure and creates a permanent low friction surface on your part.
What is NANOTRONITE? It is our proprietary blend of nanotechnology materials similar to those being used in the American space program (NASA). We use a proprietary process to apply these materials. It is compatible with all types of oils including Red Line, Joe Gibbs, Amsoil and many others.
  • can be applied to aluminum, steel, titanium, and others.
  • is extremely slick and gets slicker as you apply pressure.
  • is twice as slick as Moly and is THE slickest "coating" on the market today.
  • is itself a lubricant that bonds in a thin layer .5 to 1 micron with the surface by chemically interacting on a molecular level with the substrate.
  • Will not change a parts dimensions and does not require additional machining in order to be applied.
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FOUNDER- Rocky was employed in the exotic materials division of a major steel company's research & development lab. This department was responsible for many elements on the Gemini & Apollo Space mission and the mission to the moon. He has worked directly with NASA engineers and others responsible for Americas Space Program. READ MORE
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NANOTRONITE can be applied to engine bearings, wrist pins, piston rings, Valve Springs, Gears, Lifters and many other internal engine parts. After years of research and development, you can enjoy the performance benefits of this space-age material. READ MORE

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NANO-CERAMIC Looking for ceramic coated engine bearings? Look no further. At Surface Sciences our research team has been working tirelessly with the new development in nanotechnology inspired ceramics. READ MORE